Wood Seasoning Kiln

De Cloet offers you the most advanced equipment, considering both structure and applied technology, for drying wood. It is possible to choose from different solutions to fulfill your requirements.

Traditional drying kilns

Their main characteristic is the uniformity (and the perfect handling and control) of the drying parameters in every point of the cell: temperature, humidity of environment and material,  humidity balance, gradient, air speed through the stacks and more.

Compact drying kilns

They concentrate in a monoblock structure all the necessary technical devices for heating, dehumidification and ventilation of cells. Ideal for the modernization of existing plants, no need (with the direct burner system) to install a new heating plant (boiler).

Condensation drying kilns

Utilising an inverse refrigerator cycle to recuperate the latent heat in the condensed water extracted from the wood. Perfect when energy cost needs to kept low and when it is not possible to use other heat sources. Ideal for drying situations that need to mantain the original colour of the materials (broad leaved woods).

Pre-drying kilns

Consist of large rooms with constant thermohygrometric climate, or used as normal drying kilns (normally from 600 to 2000 mc/cicle).


De Cloet vaporizer installations are utilised to keep the wood in a controlled thermic ambient, saturated with humid steam. They can be furnished with directed steam jets or with indirect steam generation (with direct burner system or with a thermic station).