Cutter bar DC series

The new cutter bar with hydraulic transmission allows the operator to control the cutting speed independently of the tractor speed.
Thanks to its patented technology it produces a considerable reduction in noise and vibration in comparison with the traditional cutter bar with belts and pulleys. Our cutter bar provides a wide extension of cut: up to 90° high and up to 70° down.
Standard equipment includes a safety release, a compensating spring and a blade guard for transport.

barra falciante

Cutter bar DC series.

Technical particulars


DC 180

DC 210

DC 240

DC 270

Cut extension
180 cm 210 cm 240 cm 270 cm
Weight Kg 218 236 354 272
Tractor power HP 20/30 20/30 30/40 30/40
Work speed HP 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12

Summary table of technical specifications.