De Cloet

The company

Our company was born in Città di Castello, Umbria, as a workshop for metalworking and creation of a wide range of products for agriculture and industry. Due to the strong market demand and the large experience of our technicians, De Cloet has considerably grown over the years producing equipment for all phases of tobacco processing.
Our production ranges from greenhouses to irrigation systems, from equipment for the soil preparation and plant treatment, to equipment for mechanical harvest, movement and drying of products. Over the years this experience has been applied to other kinds of cultivating and sectors, from dried fruit to flowers and general gardening.


Our plant in Città di Castello (PG)


Thanks to its dynamic and organised structure De Cloet ensures that every step of the production process is realised according to the client's deadlines and requirements, keeping high standards of quality and competitive prices.
After the design process our products undergo a strict technical study by our experts using the most modern technologies, CAD/CAE integrated with an efficiency management system. The prototype department is responsible for the creation of new machines. It has at its disposal a wide range of equipment (drills, lathes, presses, welders etc..) used at best by our technicians.
When it comes to highly specific processes and treatments, due to our integrated web of external workshops and outsourcing partners, we can put in production large runs of pieces to meet the client's deadlines. Our company also has an efficient sales network and after-sales service that assists the client from the purchase to the operation of the product.

raccoglitrice 2TH-II in costruzione

Some stages of the assembly process.

raccoglitrice 2TH-II in costruzione

Some stages of the assembly process.


alcuni dei nostri prodotti

Some of our products.


De Cloet Ltd. makes its first priority to establish and guarantee an excellent relationship of trust and collaboration with its clients, and secondly to expand the market with ever more efficient products, high standards of quality, reliability and safety.
Over the years the company gained experience and reputation in the sector and, thanks to a young and dynamic team with a great desire for progress it constantly maintains a top competitor in the global market by using modern management techniques and industrial design.
At the same time, by exploiting the synergy with suppliers and the many linked industries, manages to lower the client´s production costs by making competitive products and to ensuring rapid delivery times.