Mini tractor TRZ-16

trattorino TRZ-16

Mini tractor TRZ-16.

trattorino TRZ-16

Mini tractor TRZ-16.

Technical Specification


Type Vanguard
Number of Cylinders 2
Power 16 HP (11,76 Kw)
Capacity 530 cc
Air filter Briggs-Tratton
Start Electric


Double hydrostatic
Each pump (one for each wheel) activates an engine by direct transmission
Pumps Double-Gears
Hydraulic engines EPR MW
Filter FA 110 C10 B400
Working speed From 0 to 11.5 Km/h - from 0 to 8 Km/h in reverse
Steering Controlled by double levers
Each lever controls an engine, in this way the speed control and the turn direction are independent one from another
Steering lock 0° The machine turns in a range equal to its length
Wheels can turn in the opposite direction
Brakes Hydrostatic
Parking brake Negative hydrostatic - When levers are in the centre
Front wheels 11x4.00 - 5 striped tread surface
Back wheels 18x8.5 - 8 round garden tread


Safety On board operator presence sensors connected to the insertion system of the traction knives
Anti wheelie back rollers
Seat Adjustable seat with armrest and safety belts
Controls Engine starter control - accelerator - air closing - key contact - meter clutch button - cup holder on the left side
Optional extras Set mulching - clawed wheels

Cut unit

Sliding with 4 anti-scalp rollers
Knives clutch electromagnetic 
Unit height 10.1 cm
Cut width 120 cm
Knives Nr. 3, diameter 400, high ventilation 6.5 thickness - tangential speed 94 m/s
Cut height A foot pedal activates lifting of the cut unit - two side springs support- adjustment by placing a stop - safety lock
Knife hubs Diameter 25 mm - double sealed bearings


Fuel tank 29 lt
Hydraulic oil tank 12 lt
Weight 370 Kg
trattorino TRZ-16

Mini tractor TRZ-16.

pompa idrostatica

Detail of the hydrostatic pump.


Knives detail.