Inter-row weeding

Inter-row weeding, the stirring of the surface of the inter-row space, is a very important operation in intensive cultivation. The main purposes of this operation are to eliminate weeds, to facilitate the oxygenation of the soil and the penetration of solar heat inside it.

Rolling cultivator

The De Cloet rolling cultivator works at a speed of 15/20 Km/h in every kind of soil and cultivations, leaving a soft soil surface and eradicating all weeds.
Tilting the rotors vertically the machine earths up the soil, while mounting the spreader, it manures the inter-row spaces. Manure is deposited close to the roots, avoiding dispersion.

coltivatore rotante

De Cloet Rolling Cultivator.

Technical Specification

Perfectly sized, durable elasticated tubular steel chassis. The appendages to the right and left side can be lifted by a single jack, in this way the length of the machine outline is reduced thus conforming to road transfers regulations according to the Highway Code (maximum 2.50 meters wide).
Rotor machined with precision shaping tools in spheroidal graphite iron, resistant to mechanical stresses like bending and wear, and mounted on self-aligned bearings with triple protection from abrasive particles.